Meet our contactless checkout solution, SmartCart.

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Meet our contactless checkout solution, SmartCart.

Yuzu, 2020. IMAGR’s 2nd Generation SmartCart prototype design.

Whilst a once in a lifetime global pandemic and the subsequent difficulties faced by the economy have created their fair share of challenges for IMAGR, the circumstances have also brought to light a key benefit of the solution we’re developing..

While we’ve always focused on a “frictionless” solution, we now not only have a chance to remove friction, remove queues, and improve the shopper experience from a convenience stand-point, we can actually make it safer. SmartCart has the ability to go contactless.

The checkout remains the biggest point of friction and contact for supermarkets and shoppers. Checkout staff and shoppers each need to handle all of the grocery items, as well as payment methods. That’s a lot of points of friction and contact.

Our world-class AI recognises and accounts for products as they’re added to (and removed from) the cart — and gives shoppers the ability to go contactless, and cashless, with checkout via the IMAGR app.

Safe, simple and contactless.

The SmartCart

Kiwi V5

Kiwi Our 1st generation of SmartCart. Pictured here is V5 of the design, and what will be initially rolled out into our customer’s store. It features four cameras set into the rim of the basket that are capable of ~65/frames per second. The data collected feeds into our AI models to determine the exact product, flowing through our software and ending up on your phone screen via our user app to show a real-time receipt. This allows you to finalise the sale without the need to go through a physical in-store check out.

Yuzu (design prototype)

YuzuOur 2nd generation prototype design is designed to resemble the shopping trolleys that are also popular in Japanese retail establishments. A slicker, more streamlined casing for our leading-edge technology, with the potential for a whole host of additional features — watch this space!

We’re seeing a real move toward contactless retail solutions as a result of Covid-19 and very creative uses of technology the world over in order to achieve this.

The COVID pandemic has meant a world of change for traditional store operations. The introduction of physical distancing has increased the pressure on retailers to develop frictionless and contactless checkout solutions, which have become the new cornerstone of a positive customer experience.

If customers now do choose to enter a physical store, the priority is to get in and out as quickly and safely as possible.

Though we have seen an uptick in e-commerce activity as a result of the pandemic, the large majority of grocery transactions do still remain in-store. Retailers now face the challenge of remaining competitive by reducing costs, managing increased safety protocols, optimising operational efficiencies and offsetting revenues that may have moved to the traditionally loss-making online grocery space.

IMAGR raised $9.5m USD in pre-series A funding, including from global industry giant Toshiba Tec

With the best technology of its kind and a lightweight, low cost business model, IMAGR’s SmartCart solution to contactless retail is highly scalable, and minimally disruptive for retailers to introduce, integrating seamlessly into existing POS systems.

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