Meet Vedika

Original article was published by Women in AI Netherlands on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Vedika Agarwal, WaiDATATHON Team Member

Vedika graduated from her MSc in Universität des Saarlandes with a degree in Computer Science in 2019 and has been living in Amsterdam since early 2020. She has been working in Computer Vision for 6 years and has worked with diverse research teams across different cultures & geographies. She is now a Computer Vision Engineer at TomTom since almost a year, working with the Autonomous Driving R&D team.

She is passionate about research and building technology that can make a difference in peoples’ lives. As AI is gaining popularity and gradually becoming ubiquitous in our lives, the current male-domination of the industry is an obstacle Vedika is determined to eradicate. Vedika is working for a gender-equal AI world and her work encourages women to pursue AI. She is now one of the WaiDATATHON team members working for that goal.

“WaiAccelerate encourages women entrepreneurs to build startups using AI. I believe in AI and I believe in creating technology that makes our daily lives better. WaiAccelerate gives me a platform to combine these together and I am very grateful that I am able to help fellow women achieve their goals.”

— Vedika Agarwal

For WaiACCELERATE and Women in AI, Vedika and her team are now working on the upcoming WaiDATATHON for Sustainable Future. Between October 9th and 12th, the WaiACCELERATE founders will meet with data-driven professionals and work on data challenges together. As a result, their solutions will take us one step closer to a better and fairer world. See the challenges and learn more about this ever-first VR WiaDATATHON for Sustainable Future here.

Are you Data-driven?

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“With AI becoming an integral part of our lives, it’s very important to embrace it in a conscious, ethical and sustainable way. At WAI, we encourage the right values to be embedded in all startups within our program while simultaneously making an attempt to close the gender gap in the industry. With today’s world in chaos, together we can do our part in untangling it.”

— Vedika Agarwal