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Born in Russia, living in Germany, thinking globally. I combine in my transmedia works human and machine input. Co-creation, co-existence, and creative symbiosis of these two life-forms (homo sapiens + AI) are the main factors inspiring me to new experiments and art approaches.

Instagram: @merzmensch_kosmopol

Art+AI Expertise

I’m experimenting with AI since first open models: Google Deep Dream, BigGAN, CycleGAN, StyleGAN2, GPT-2, GPT-3. In my artworks I apply an approach of Historian Avant-Garde (Dada etc.): to question current culture concepts and to discover new ways of storytelling & expression.

Work with AI

My digital works are presented in my Merzazine ( My theoretical works are published in various print and digital journals (Perspektive, Toward Data Science etc.). Follow my works on twitter with the Hashtag #MerzmenschPresents) 2016: “Clair de Tour”, Video installation // Museum for History, Frankfurt 2020: “Roman Bot”, my “Dialogues” with AI // Frankfurt Museum for Communication (Exhibition #Neuland) Ongoing: AI-driven theater projects and publications


AI enriches the culture and humanity with new possibilities and perspectives. AI is still not equal to an artist, but it is more than just a tool, like an assistant, co-author, inspiration, Muse. It augments our biased interpretation of reality with a surprising fresh view.