Microsoft Build is upon us

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Microsoft Build is upon us

Microsoft Build is a premier developer event for everything Microsoft and Open Source Technologies. It is one of the oldest Microsoft event too though it has gone through re-branding couple of times including name change.

Every year it has been in-person event with most of the sessions recorded and shared for public consumption later at no cost. This year though with covid situation like every other event, it is virtual only but the best part is, it is free for everyone to experience Live.

If you have not yet registered, pls go ahead do soon. If you have already registered, pls go ahead and start building your personalized viewing schedule.

For the benefit for myself and everyone else, I have created topic wise list of sessions so that you don’t miss any. There are many more sessions than the ones listed below so do explore further too. Here we go …

My Favorite

Evaluate and optimize your costs using the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework

Introduction to GitHub for Student Developers

Mark Russinovich on Azure innovation and more!

Meet GirlScript India

Movement: Cultivating Ease with Yoga

Open the learning door to Computer Science with Minecraft

Spotlight Series: Mentoring Future Technologists

The 8 Principles of Sustainable Software Engineering

Conversational AI & Bots

Accelerate bot development in Power Virtual Agents

An Introduction to Chatbots

Anyone Can AI! A No-Code Bot That Understands You

Conversational AI powered Customer and Employee Virtual Assistants

AI & Cognitive Services

Latest and greatest with Azure AI

Researching, Building & Consuming Responsible ML

Responsible ML: Getting Started and Analyzing Your Models

Responsible ML: Protect Privacy and Confidentiality with ML

Train and deploy ML models at scale using Azure Machine Learning

Add AI to your solutions with Cognitive Services

Azure AI — Learnings from customer implementations

Azure Machine Learning in Action!

Build apps using AI for a rapidly changing world

Build Python apps in Azure faster with Visual Studio Code

Building an End-to-End ML Pipeline for Big Data

Cognitive Search: The pocket-knife for knowledge mining

Increase Data Science efficiency, security and privacy using MLOps in Azure Machine Learning

Microsoft Graph Services — Build powerful apps with Project Cortex, Connectors and more

Microservices, Serverless, Kubernetes & Containers

All about containers

Azure Arc and Kubernetes: a Developer Story

Build and Secure Serverless APIs

Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr)


Microsoft IoT Vision and Roadmap

Ask the Team: IoT development

Azure Digital Twins: Powering the Next Generation of IoT

The time is now to build end-to-end security into your IoT devices

What’s new with Azure and IoT

Custom Application Development

Exploring Visual Studio Codespaces

How to be super productive with Node.js and Visual Studio Code

Build, integrate & scale with event-driven apps

Building a Web for Everyone

Azure Security Center for Developers

Build messaging and integration apps on Azure

The bleeding edge of modern web apps on Azure

What’s new with Application Insights & Azure Monitor


Building a DevOps Culture in a Remote World

DevOps with Azure, GitHub, and Azure DevOps

Navigating the DevOps Landscape

Serverless DevOps with Github Actions

Continuous Delivery: Deploy applications to the cloud with confidence

Infrastructure as code — build Azure applications with ARM templates


Ask the Team: Azure SQL Database

Building scalable and secure applications with Azure Cosmos DB

Optimize price-performance using Azure SQL Database serverless