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Not all of you may remember it, but there was a time when business decisions were made on gut feelings alone. And while often this led to favourable results — we wouldn’t be where we are today otherwise — it also led to massive mistakes and difficulty in foresight.

Markets can shift for the worse. Businesses can collapse. Problems can arise, but, thankfully, now with the power of artificial intelligence and the abundance of available data, these mishaps can be better avoided.

And that’s what we’re here to do. We created MindGap to provide quality AI for businesses. We provide you with all the tools and expertise required to fuel the data-driven business decisions in your company.

We believe that AI and data have the potential to reduce human error in decision making. By taking a quantitative approach and implementing predictive analytics you can enhance your products while automating business procedures.

We enable you to

  • find new streams of revenue and cost optimization[AS1] ,
  • improve effectiveness inside the company,
  • recognize the main drivers of development and offer a better value proposition,
  • reach better customer understanding and enhance the experience with end-users, and
  • respond quickly to business performance changes.

AI and deep learning technologies have evolved over the past few years into a state-of-the-art technology that has changed people’s lives and has shifted the way we interact and run businesses. It’s still evolving. And we’re here to help you keep up with it and to uncover the value of data-driven solutions.

MindGap Services

We have served a wide range of companies across industries including retail, finance, industrial goods, construction, and energy, and have solved problems for the likes of Huawei, Mail.Ru Group, Yandex, Sberbank, and City.Travel.

Our services include

  • development and implementation of AI, ML, and NLP solutions,
  • data segmentation, clustering, and visualization,
  • predictive analytics and recommendation systems,
  • optimization of functions like delivery time, cost, and energy consumption,
  • creation and customization of multi-channel chatbots, and
  • computer vision and video analytics.

Who we are?

We’re a team of young tech enthusiasts with a strong belief in a result-oriented approach to handling projects from both scientific and business perspectives.

With proven expertise in marketing, PR, and fintech, our CEO Alexey Tretyakov is an empathetic leader and team builder. He’s an accredited TEDx organizer and you may very well bump into him in a TEDx session near you.

While Alexey handles the business side, our CTO Andrei Filchenkov is all set to crack the code and solve any persisting issues your company is facing. With a PhD in mathematics and physics, Andrei served as an Associate Professor of machine learning at ITMO University. He brings his enormous experience in teaching and in handling business projects to solve any problem you may face.

We started this business to empower firms across the globe to make data-driven decisions that help them function efficiently and effectively. It’s our sincere hope that we are able to provide you with the expertise and tools to keep your business processes working seamlessly in our rapidly changing technological world.

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