MIT’s Intelligent Quest for AI moonshots

The institute’s Intelligent Quest initiative is to leverage AI reseach for two main categories it considers game changing. The plan is divided into two categories — “Core” and “The Bridge”.

Reverse-engineering human intelligence (Core) will give new insights into developing new algorithms and tools, which can be applied to different disciplines. They believe that understanding the brain becomes easier with new computer science techniques. It is very closely linked to cognitive science, computer science and near science.

The Bridge provides access to AI and ML tools across various disciplines. Research from both MIT and other schools will be made available for this. The idea is to build machine intelligence the way the human brain works. The blanket partnerships the school has had in the past includes MIT-IBM Watson AI lab.

Artificial Intelligence has always been a focus for MIT and the institute has been researching the space since the late 50s

Source: Deep Learning on Medium