My A.I Assistants And The Reason Why

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I believe that works can be done by machines must be done by machines and human should only focus on creative works.

The Beginning

The year was 2016 when i created my first and second bot, May The Cat and Asuka.

May & Asuka

My cat, May was born from a simple Shell script that i wrote to automate my daily tasks as a server-side developer, which was scheduled to execute several times per day to help me monitor git merging requests, my servers and web applications.

While May was just a simple batch process using Shell scripts, Asuka was my first chatbot, my first assistant.

Asuka was created as a Slack Chatbot integrated with Airbnb Private APIs and she helped me not only monitor servers, applications but also do some daily tasks related to our Airbnb business at that time. (I had both my daily job and my own business at that time and 24 hours per day wasn’t enough).

By sending messages (commands) to Asuka, she can help me execute system commands or API requests so that I didn’t have to login to the servers or bring my Macs everywhere i go.

Using only iPhone to control servers and systems, anywhere and anytime, yeah, that felt pretty good at that time.

Our Business World – It’s the Messenger Era.

The year is now 2019.
Our business world and technologies are changing so fast that it’s getting harder and harder to predict future.
But there is one thing that I’m sure is, the next generation of tech companies or online businesses will be assisted (or even, managed) by bots.

It’s the Messenger Era.

In 2015, Business Insider released a report showing messaging apps equal social networks in monthly active users. In the succeeding years, messengers would surpass social networks as they evolve beyond simple chat interfaces.
And now, the numbers we have now in 2019 prove that prediction is correct.
We are now in Messenger Era.

With this growth, companies are now investing in expanding messaging apps with chatbots, especially with users beginning to favor automated systems. According to Forrester, 2/5 of adults in the U.S. prefer using digital systems over speaking with a live person on the phone.

It would be wrong or ignorant to say that chatbot is evolving and their evolution will become complete in 2019. Chatbot evolved in 2018 and are more intelligent as well as human than ever. There is no denying to this fact.
The successful adoption of chatbots by end users has led to the use of more and more bots in advanced artificial intelligence technologies and their usage by a custom software development company. Even there are reports that 80–85% of businesses will be deploying advanced chatbots by 2020.

Where applied?

Many companies, including Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, already have chatbots for scheduling appointments, voice search, shopping, automating payments, etc.
Additionally, chatbots are enabling companies to improve across several business lines:

1) Online sales: Chatbots are also gaining popularity in online retail. 1–800-Flowers was one of the first businesses to integrate its chatbot with Facebook Messenger in 2016. In the first two months, 70% of sales going through the chatbot were from new customers.

2) Customer feedback: Customers expect quick replies. 53% of customers expect companies to respond to tweets within an hour.

3) Up-Selling: The open rate for mobile messages is at an astounding 98%. 90% of those messages are read in the first three minutes when received. In this case, companies can employ SMS chatbots to quickly promote new products and services, saving on contact centers and customer service teams.

“Businesses have seen an increase in sales just by creating chatbot systems. There’s an underserved market of people who would like to be using a text-based or voice-based interface rather than web-based.”

— Ruze Richards

My Real Expression Development (R.E.D) Project And The Reason Why

The year is now 2019.
And still, 24 hours per day isn’t enough for me (fml, lol!)

I have realized that knowledges and understandings about A.I (Machine Learning) is now becoming essential not only for software developers but also for business leaders who want to build successful business or founders who want to build “smart” companies.

This is the reason why i try to squeeze every single hour i have left in my daily schedule and sacrificing my weekends to learn as fast as possible about Machine Learning, focusing on Deep Learning based Natural Language Processing (NLP).

I started R.E.D as my 3rd-generation Assistant Bot, Red.
However, this time, Red is created not only to be my personal A.I assistant but also to become a real-life Online Sales Bot which have a brain merged with Deep Learning technologies.

I will go to the detail of technologies behinds RED in another story on Medium (with source codes and manuals that i used to create RED).

R.E.D System

I always believe that with the technologies that we have right now, we don’t need huge corporations or companies to do the great jobs.
I have an idea of companies which is fully automated, can run by themselves, companies without CEOs, managers and hierarchy.

I have an idea of companies that truly belong to people and RED is my the first step.