My experiences on learning the course FastAI-Deep Learning Course 2019 Version

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My experiences on learning the course FastAI-Deep Learning Course 2019 Version


This is my first post, so i would start with sharing my experiences i have which is still going on as i am still not completed the course as of yet,but i am progressing at a somewhat slow pace.So Here Goes Nothing

I came across the FastAI-Deep learning course taught by Jeremy Howard somewhere around 2018 when i developed an interest in going further with learning deep learning. I had already completed a course on machine learning by Andrew NG on Coursera around 2017 and recently in October, I had completed the certification course from Applied AI-Applied Machine Learning course which was two of the best courses i have had undergone and the Applied AI course had taught me how to go through a problem and what exactly are the concepts involved in data science.

Now coming to FastAI-Initially i felt overwhelmed with the way the mathematics involved in Deep Learning was very deep or atleast that’s what i had thought but going through Jeremy’s course it made me comfortable and gave me a confidence that i can handle deep learning.The way Jeremy Howard explains the concepts and working(which is a top-down approach) and as suggested by the Jedi master himself,even if you don’t understand all the things go through video and play with the code,work on other datasets of same domain.It helped me and is still helping me as i am going through the lessons, I am able to test more of the things i have learnt and it has been an enriching and deeply satisfying experience. I thank Jeremy for the free course and after i complete through all of your courses, I would like more courses from you.