My interest is based on this sort scene of Person of İnterest.

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Journey of a newcomer to "Artificial Intelligence"

My interest is based on this sort scene of Person of İnterest.

Hi. I am Oğuzhan and studying computer sciences. I am starting a new journey and this page will contain my experiences on this journey ,the codes have written and I will. The begining of this journey was person of interest series. The following poem belongs “the machine “ from the series and I will mention many times about it.s

“coon above! Cocoon below!
Stealthy Cocoon, why hide you so
What all the world suspect?
An hour, and gay on every tree
Your secret, perched in ecstasy
Defies imprisonment!

An hour in Chrysalis to pass,
Then gay above receding grass
A Butterfly to go!
A moment to interrogate,
Then wiser than a “Surrogate,”
The Universe to know!”

Now I am gonna talk about what I have done till now. I have learnt basics of Python like loops , data structures and if statements and pandas basics. What is pandas ? Pandas is a library that helps us about playing data . Like what ?

When we input data and print it we see a table like above. For example we want learn if there is correlation between recipe_id and rating then if there is correlation we can say people like reciepe or don’t. For that first we should chose what we need. In this case we need columns that rating and recipe_id.Secondly we need to calculate the mean of ratings for each recipe_id. For these selections and calculating pandas has functions and that is rhe simplest explanation why we use pandas.

Now I hava some sugestions for how to learn basics of python and pandas. Google has a site This web site is the social media of data scientists and it includes some courses .

First you should look into python course then pandas.This courses include everyting you need for the begining.