My Learning and Conferences for the Next Few Months

Photo by Jared Erondu on Unsplash

Learning opportunities are endless these days. This month I visited “Age of AI,” a small conference in San Francisco. The conference explored the current state and the future of AI on different levels. On a micro level, there were a few talks about recent breakthroughs in reinforcement learning and generative adversarial networks. On a macro level, there were good talks on founding new AI startups, the impact of quantum computing, and, of course, a great talk about future of the AI by Tim Urban.

I visited a few meetups. “Eastbay Robotics Vehicle Meetup” group organized a fireside chat with George Hotz, the founder of It was very interesting to learn about George’s thoughts on the self-driving car industry, the future of autonomous vehicle technology, and his take on how to run companies and do PR.

I played with Jetson TX2, was able to run small computer vision programs there.

Getting Started with NVIDIA Jetson TX2

What are my learning opportunities for the next few months? So far I’m finishing a few small projects related to using deep learning for computer vision and NLP. One of them is training YOLO model for detecting cars, signs, pedestrians on the road, and deploying it to Jetson TX2.

March will be quite intensive. I plan to attend Self Racing Cars event at Thunderhill Raceway near Sacramento on March 24–25.

Then I’ll visit NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in San Jose. I bought an exhibit pass, so I’ll be there only at night on March 27–28, including the party on March 28.

Then I got a pass to TensorFlow Dev Summit that will be held in Mountain View on March 30.

Then the SuperBot conference in San Francisco on April 3.

When time permits, I go through some online courses. The latest interesting one is “Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars” from MIT.

And, probably, the most exciting learning opportunity is the “Cutting Edge Deep Learning for Coders, Part 2” course by Jeremy Howard, that starts on March 19 at the University of San Francisco (online version of the previous year of that course is published on the website).

While learning all this, I’ll try to write blog posts weekly.

Source: Deep Learning on Medium