My path to become an ambassdor at

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My path to become an ambassdor at

Well,it was the start of pandemic because of covid-19,we were sent to homes for safety.Before march 2020 itself i have completed all the courses related to Machine learning and Deep learning in coursera.I had enough knowledge to share with others.So i have decided to bacome an ambassdor at so that my knowledge will be shared with a lot people.

It was in April 2020 i have opened the link that is provided in website.It asks you to give all the basic details and educational details.I gave all the details and it asks whether you are going to conduct an event so i gave the seminar details which i am going to conduct on june 6th.

After a long 10 days,i got a mail that i can conduct the event under and gave all the rules to follow.Alice (Event manager at madam gave information on what she can provide like perks and swags for attendees.We have to fill the given google document like on which date the event is going to happen and details like Topic, Speaker and platform for virtual event. As it is pandemic situation i have to conduct the event virtually. so i choose to gave seminar on google meet as it is secured.

The day has arrived i.e.. in june 6th where i have to give my seminar.It it and all the attendees are joining one by one.Two of my college professors have also joined my seminar. I have successfully gave my seminar and my professors thought that the content was great.I couldn’t record because of my account issues so i took a screenshot of my seminar and mailed to Alice madam.

After two days i recieved mail from Alice describing that i have become ambassdor . It’s not about the name but i feel good if i share my knowledge.

Thanks to Alice