My ReadyAI Experience — from Ms. Shahnila Daudpota

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My ReadyAI Experience — from Ms. Shahnila Daudpota

My ReadyAI journey was fully mesmerizing and it enlightened my knowledge on every step.

After getting trained, it became a duty for me to enlighten my students with the same. As, words of my Trainer Dr. Gulsher Ali and Mr. Bilal Hussain keeps ringing in my ears, “ Now responsibility is on your shoulders, don’t let the process stop.”

Surely, every journey is full of hurdles. So was this one. During the time of prevailing pandemic, teaching students of far flung less privileged areas was a hard nut to crack. But, when there is a will there is a way. My journey seemed long when I was starting but it felt short and easy when I was halfway through it. Certainly, all this would not have been possible without my trainers but a big credit goes to my students who obeyed my instructions and completed their assigned tasks on time. I remember when Mr. Yang Cheng suggested us three new courses, my students and I worked day and night to achieve our goal in two days. Learning new courses and achieving certificates one after another was really encouraging and motivating for both of us.

Ms. Shahnila Daudpota

HoD (Computer)

Public School Hyderabad

Managed by Sukkur IBA