My very first lesson to digital marketing

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My very first lesson to digital marketing

Hello everyone,

I am Sonu goyal from Raipur.

Before getting into the main topic, allow me to introduce myself. I am a commerce student, completed my BBA from a college in Pokhara, Nepal and now am here in Raipur for my MBA. I have been stuck towards the end of my PG due to this pandemic we all have been going through. So I am waiting for the final exams of my MBA right now.

I was continuously searching for something to learn in this lockdown period and I got to know about the batch 3 of the digital marketing internship program by Deepak Kanakaraju. It is a practical based course. In the field of digital marketing Digitaldeepak is a well established brand in India. is now ranked as one of the top 10 digital marketing blogs in India and it has become a well known brand. It takes a big heart to help shape little minds. Thanks for mentoring us with optimism.

The class was organized in the zoom platform and it started with a warm welcome to all the participants over there by our mentor. With some of the administrative formalities of our registration to the platform we were rewarded with a bonus. The lessons started the basic understanding of marketing and the fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

So now, jumping straight to the topic and getting to the idea of what I learnt in my first ever internship in digital marketing by Deepak Kanakaraju.

  1. Setting up your Goal:

“A person with a goal and a plan is even going to beat even the intelligent person without a goal and a plan.” Warren Buffet

So unless you are guided towards your goal you are not able to achieve it. So the very first step is to set up your goal. What can be your goal for the program:

· Improve our communication skills so that we can excel at all the areas of our life.

· Improve our sales skills and be able to sell ourselves better and our products better

· Become a blogger, video maker, affiliate marketer, agency owner, grow our business, start a movement or get a job

2. Finding the Gold

Here gold refers to the wealth that is the market space for the digital marketer

· There is always a demand in the market and solutions to them give rise to new needs.

· Thus finding the gold refers to Narrow down your niche and focus on small niche

· Search for the particular niche that you can serve and cater them.

3. Global economics

Like never expected, we got to get a small economic lesson in the digital marketing internship.

· Learning global economics is very important when it comes to run a business

· The economy of the country goes up when people spend more

· Debt creates money and enhances credit creation.

· People will always pay money for value. So always create value to your customers.

· Read books to gain a clear idea about economics

4. Key basic skill: Communication

A good communication skill is basic for each and every individual to foster. Conveying the benefits of the product or service to the potential customer is a very important in sales. Master the arts of communication

· Communication eases the way to connect to people and be authentic and real to people that leads to improved communication.

· Stay committed to improve your communication.

· Communication helps in content creation, sales and becoming a successful professional or entrepreneur.

Tricks to master communication:

· Read a lot: 30 minutes a day

· Thinking in English

· Listen to podcasts

· Start writing

· Watch English sitcoms

· Watch standup comedy to learn the culture and local slang

5. Future of digital marketing

We got an idea of what can be the future of digital marketing and what can be the future opportunities.

· Digital marketing will not die because marketing will not die

· As needs keep growing up, we need products and services to achieve them

· Consumer behavior is changing

· Marketing+ Technology= Digital Marketing

· Digital marketing is a simply better way to do marketing.

6. Integrated Digital Marketing

· Integrated Digital Marketing is something that connects all your marketing channels and work cohesively.

· Thus, integrated digital marketing is the integration of multiple marketing strategies to form a cohesive online approach for your business.

7. Select your niche

· As previously we discussed that there is a lot of gold out there and we need to select what our niche is

· It should be a combination of passion, talent, and market opportunity

· If we have a passion for doing something, we enjoy doing it, and since we keep doing it, we are going to get better at it.

· The three major niches are: Health, Wealth and Relationships

8. Find the Market demand

Demand is to be understood because the product that we will serve is to attain those demands. Thus we need to know where the demand is and how we can go after that demand. we can

· Use Google Auto Suggest, Answer the

· Looking for Amazon reviews

· Talking to customers

· Looking for pre and post products/services of the products.

· Scratch your own itch

9. Personal branding

It is the practice of marketing people and their careers as brands. The relationship between brands and customers is dynamic and must be continuously refined. We can build a personal brand in few simple steps:

· Do not hesitate to put your content out there and publish in different forms.

· Show my character and personality on social media

· Stop trying to fit in

Benefits to personal branding

· My style, My tribe

· People want to hear from people, not from brands

· We can get a job, close a client or even build our own consulting business.

10. How the funnel works

The top of the funnel may include 1000000 people but as you reach top the bottom of the funnel you need to be able to get at least 1000 people who trusts you.

After we were done with the session, our Guru Deepak Kanakaraju was still there to ice break session between the mentor and us as students there. In a nutshell, this was one of the best sessions I had regarding digital marketing, looking forward to learn more from him and become a successful digital marketer in future.