Need a dataset from Kaggle??

So I’ve been dabbling the in the world of deep learning and have found myself in need teaching myself a whole lot of new things. Part of the process is digging through wikis and stackoverflow posts. I plan on putting together a series of getting started hints for anyone that may need it, more so as repository for me because I am quite forgetful. Here goes..

First sign up on Kaggle, if you haven’t already and register for the competition whose dataset you want and accept the rules, without this you will get an error

Install the kaggle CLI (i’m not sure if this is the official cli, but hey, it works)

pip install kaggle-cli 

Go to the directory where you want to save the dataset. Pass your login credentials and the competition name to the cli tool

kg config -u `username` -p `password` -c `competition`

Handy tip: the competition name format can be found in the url of the competition page.

Download & Unzip

kg download

You Got Data!

Source: Deep Learning on Medium