Neural Network with Deep Learning

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Machine learning is a hot topic of discussion nowadays. And you can find its multitude of uses across the different segments. Deep learning is an integral part of machine learning. When we talk about machine learning or deep learning, it has created quite a stir in the market. Basically, these technologies work on algorithms and programming that enables the machine to think like a human and take a decision. So what works behind them, you will learn about all this aspect in any of the machine learning training programs. Still, here, we are going to cover one of the elements that ensure the seamless working of deep learning enables technology. Yes, we are going to talk about neural networks.

Big Data Jobs

We all know that machines have brains, but in recent years, we have seen some significant development in this domain, and this is because of the surge of new technologies like machine learning and deep learning. What works behind the scene is the neural network. These are designed similar to the neurons of the human brain. These neural networks work on the detangling complex relationship and unfold it to the machines so that they can perform their task.

Subsets of Machine Learning

If you have undergone machine learning training or are planning to go for a machine learning course, then you would get to know that there are subsets of machine learning and each of these subsets have the potential to form a new career for those who are willing to grow in the field of artificial intelligence. The following are the subsets of machine learning :

  1. Neural network- as we have mentioned above, neural network functioning is designed similar to the human brain, with the help of this network software learns to recognize images and enables the machine to make a decision. With the help of a neural network, machines can also make predictions and decisions and that too with accuracy. But it also depends on the accuracy of the data.
  2. Natural Language Processing (NLP)- It enables the machine to understand human language and interpret. As it continues to develop, machines will also learn how to respond in a similar way to humans.
  3. Deep Learning- It uses machine learning tools and uses the same to solve problems and make decisions. With deep learning, the data is processed via neural networks and thus making the machine to work similarly as the human does. This applies to text, images, speech to come to a conclusion. In simple words, its objective is to make a decision similar to human beings.

What sets the neural network apart from other networks?

Well, neural networks are designed to perform on the same base as the neurons in the human brain. The functioning of a brain neuron involves receiving input and then instigates an output that is used by another neuron. The neural network security training also works on a similar pattern; they stimulate behaviour in learning about the data which is collected and then predicting outcomes.

There are three layers of neurons in the neural network:

  1. Input layer
  2. Hidden layer
  3. Output layer

When we talk about deep neural networks, then it has many layers and the process of using all these layers is called deep learning.

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Deep neural networks are complex neural networks, and they have around 1000 or more neurons per layer. The more is the number of networks, the more complex tasks it can handle. But, this might take some time for the same. In the case of the classic neural network, the information traverses in a single direction where each layer is wholly connected to neighbours.

How can neural networks create an impact on our life?

Well, in the years to come, we are going to witness a significant impact on technology. And ML is going to be an integral part of the same. Machine learning algorithms are going to be a key game-changer. Here is how it is going to change our lives in the years ahead:

  1. Language barrier elimination via interpreting tools for personal use
  2. Image processing and photo effects
  3. Video analytics
  4. Using a photo to find a person on the internet
  5. IoT concept development via voice interaction interfaces
  6. Self-learning system for production and device management
  7. Object recognition and classification of images


These are few of the many ways how machine learning and its subsets, neural network, NLP and deep learning are going to impact our lives. This will inevitably lead to a growing demand for individuals who are skilled in machine learning. This field is not only going to be a great career booster but also will lead to a lot of development. Global Tech Council is providing an online machine learning training program. This program aims at imparting all the information about machine learning and its allied concepts. You can simply enrol for this program and let your career grow by leaps and bounds.

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