Neville Patel Ensuring Premium World Class Services In Data Annotation, Machine Learning & AI

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Neville Patel Ensuring Premium World Class Services In Data Annotation & Mobile Games QA

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automation amongst many other industries have now been greatly revolutionized and are growing exponentially. With an ever increasing potential, automation is the new big thing which is set to change the future in many more ways than one can ever imagine. Data Science is all about extracting, analyzing, visualizing, managing and making the data usable on many platforms to create helpful insights. One such accomplished company is Qualitas Global situated in Pune — The popular IT hub of India. It has successfully managed to create a magnificent impact in the arena of Data Annotation and Machine Learning services. With its futuristic approach, QUALITAS GLOBAL has proven to be a great contributor in the versatile field of Data Science and has exhibited its success in leaps and bounds within a very short span of time.

Details Of The Company

Qualitas Global was founded in Pune by Neville Patel in August 2014. He is a strategic thinker and a technocrat. Being the entrepreneur of this company, he has a creative and a charismatic approach and firmly believes in premium quality work along with consistency in progress. Being a visionary, his phenomenal growth mindset is a valuable asset to the company which has been creating a positively progressive and a lasting impression in this ever growing industry.

In addition to a massive office in Pune, Qualitas Global has its offices across Europe, USA and has major customers across the globe. Qualitas Global has established its expertise and specializes in Image Tracking, Data Annotation and Video Analytics for Machine Learning in verticals like Automated Vehicles, Sports, Drones, Retail, Security & Surveillance, and Medical Annotations, etc. helping Automobile software manufacturers, Sports team owners, coaches and managers, Security for Retail as well as Government agencies, etc. by contributing majorly to projects involving facial recognition, license plate recognition, athletes performance analysis, monitoring vehicles and traffic regulations to name a few.

Qualitas Global is also well known in the industry for premium Quality Assurance of Mobile & PC Video Games & for the development of Mobile Games, Apps & Software. Their customer friendly approach is reliable in nature and also helps the customers with a boost in productivity keeping in mind the speed, quality and accuracy.

Echoing the sentiments of the genius Walt Disney who said, “Whatever you do, do it well ”,

Mr. Neville Patel confidently affirms “We promise what we can deliver to our clients with supernal quality.”