NimaN: Welcome Post

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NimaN was founded in 2019 by two brothers, super talented Software (AI) and Data Engineers, mind-blowing decision-makers with the unique and extravagant problem-solving approach, outstanding open-minded leaders as well as fantastic team players with a strong sense of ownership and drive — ​Mykyta​ and N​azarii ​Ivanenko.

Mykyta​ & N​azarii ​Ivanenko

Both young innovators with impressive technical expertise and the colossal passion for business in the internet century are in constant research and implementation of the intelligent and cutting edge technological opportunities to simplify and make more joyful day-to-day lives of people.

Across the industry, ​Mykyta ​and ​Nazarii ​are already recognized as creative and flexible learning animals, user-first business strategists and certified IT experts.

With a quite versatile technical and business skills as well as different from each other’s experiences, both brothers complement perfectly themselves and create a remarkably powerful business union together.

Being leaders and the core team in our company, ​Mykyta ​and ​Nazarii are fully ready for any challenge on their business path and literally, nothing would stop them to achieve great success themselves as well as with their brilliant partners. Apart from that, they inspire other team members to work hard and thrive in our modern digital world with a concrete vision for their future.

And despite being the very fresh independent business unit, these two smart creatives are very proud to share their success stories of completed projects for non-profit organizations with close to 0 external support and mentorship.

Success Stories of NimaN Leaders

  1. Automated software solution with a symbiotic application of actuarial mathematics, deep data analysis, risk management and machine learning techniques to predict credit scores for credit holders, that potentially are very close to their bankruptcy in the near future. As a result, this piece of software enables banks to prevent any revenue loss.
  2. Software solution for intelligent workload automation of a dispatcher at national emergency services organization and let him handle upcoming incident requests within the shortest possible time the most efficiently, implementing cutting edge deep technologies in Cloud such as machine learning, natural language understanding, chatbot and voice-bot deep learning for image recognition tasks, speech-to-text, and text-to-speech, etc. Its goal is to save the lives of people, occurred in emergency e.g. car accident, fire, criminal incidents, etc.
  3. An intelligent software tool to identify the level of digital maturity for non-profit and educational organizations as well as consult on how to improve their performance or to keep it unchanged.
  4. Full scope project to implement cutting edge intelligent software solution in the cloud for non-profit organizations by IT outsourcing service provider, and that way to secure their data and make it accessible for the exclusively authorized person, but at any location.

Since childhood, these two quite versatile brothers were keen on technology advances as well as a vast variety of surprisingly powerful and favorable benefits they bring to our lives on a day-to-day basis.

That is why the NimaN’s mission is:

To accelerate the sustainable urban transformation, so that cities will be able to create environmental, economic, and social values through the responsible management of finite resources and maximum reuse of infinite resources in their day-to-day operations.

NimaN is an active member of Google for Startups​​ community from the very beginning of its startup journey.

The inspiring corporate culture at NimaN is full of real diversity, huge intellectual curiosity, problem-solving and openness.

At our organization, we strive to create all the conditions with a strong focus on people at first, as our outstanding very talented team members with a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives share a huge passion for excellence in our services for our partners to achieve agility and digital maturity.

They adore to collaborate, think big and take risks in a blame-free environment as well as ultimately meet the requirements and fulfill all the needs of their partners with the extraordinary unique quality in what they do every day.

We take pride in the capabilities of our team, encourage everyone to go above and beyond, reward the team for the hard work and constantly foster a culture of discipline, learning, growth and above all, quality and valuable social, economic and environmental benefits.