Nodeflux AI Weekly Review #1

Welcome to Nodeflux AI Weekly Review, in this series we will share curated information about what’s currently happening in Artificial Intelligence development around the world.

Editor’s Pick

You Only Look Once or YOLO is one of the popular frameworks in the world of deep learning, especially for object detection. Last week, the author has released the latest update, version three (3), that includes some improvements, such as flexibility adjustment to the model, in which the performance speed easily improved by trading off with the model’s accuracy.

News & Articles

Tensorflow libraries are widely used in deep learning as well, which is developed by Google. Recently, Google has announced the new library release of the JavaScript (JS) version, called Tensorflow.js, with the tagline:

A WebGL accelerated, browser-based JavaScript library for training and spreading ML models.

For JS version, there are several features that can be used which include making machine learning model in the browser, run existing model and retrain existing model.

Honorable Mention

MobileNet is designed for mobile devices to perform deep learning tasks. A few days ago, MobileNet has released version two (2), which gives significantly improvements to the previous release. Importantly, this version is built-in within the Tensorflow-Slim Image Classification Library and the modules is accessible via TF-Hub. In addition, this version introduces new features to the Neural Network architecture: 1) linear bottlenecks between the layers, and 2) shortcut connections between the bottlenecks.

Papers & Tutorials

Tips for Beginners

Many tutorials and academic courses offer ways to learn data science with defined steps. One that can be a reference is the Open Source Data Science Master curriculum. This curriculum is open source and emphasizing the foundation of the theory and technology used in data science.

The curriculum outlines what competencies are needed to become an expert in data science. The curriculum is composed of many references ranging from books, video tutorials, as well as academic courses made by top leading universities.


Data Science Weekend 2018 is the second event organized by the Data Science Indonesia (DSI) community. This event aims to provide knowledge and expertise in the field of data science.

In this event, there are several series of agenda such as conference, workshops and showcase. For this year, some of the themes promoted by DSI community there are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchains.

In this year’s event, Nodeflux will participate as one of the speakers in panel discussions and class session about AI, especially computer vision.

Nice Tweets

Stanford University offers many interesting courses around data science for the public. This course offered by Handle Wickman whom one of the well-known figures in the world of Statistics and R programming languages. He will give lecture about Reading in applied data science, you can look at the syllabus here.


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