NSoft’s road to Artificial Intelligence — Witnessing the Future

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The fruits of the AI revolution are now all around us. The years of developing innovative software solutions while relying on emerging IT technologies, have led NSoft to its AI journey. Consequently, NSoft has begun to carve a fresh path towards its comprehensive corporate future.

The awareness that world-leading companies are betting on AI has encouraged NSoft to advance, not just its products and services, but the entire scope of business operations. This forefront thinking has enabled NSoft to habitually position itself on the provider-side of the bet.

According to the PwC report, artificial intelligence will contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030 making existing products and services surpassingly better. Not only that, but the larger part of the global market is already using artificial intelligence solutions to improve their selling techniques, reduce costs, and to improve business intelligence and product management.

For NSoft, it was a hint. An AI solution offered to complement the existing NSoft’s product palette was regarded to be mutually beneficial for both, customers and the company in general.

What is NSoft Vision?

NSoft Vision is a facial recognition application that harvests the power of AI to improve security and data collection for retail-oriented business. Simply put, it is an AI video management software created with the user experience as a top priority providing support for easy-to-use tools for feature management, analysis, and utilization of video data and image data.

On the top of conventional video surveillance features built into the software, NSoft Vision is encompassed with the number of artificial intelligence inputs. An effective video surveillance system is a crucial component of a comprehensive security strategy. Having an AI component as an addition to the surveillance setup equals having the smart eye over an entire venture giving — including the diverse reporting insights of overall business performance, customer relationship and profit generation.

Surveillance element of the software provides a number of industry-standard video monitoring features such as an intuitive dashboard with live and timeline view, multi-stream switching technology and stream management, continuous recording mode, motion detection recording, notifications, alerts, etc. Not only does this easy-to-use software put surveillance operators at ease by enhancing situational awareness, but it also improves search for recorded data with the proper amount of intelligence.

NSoft Vision uses big data, deep and machine learning to constantly improve and recuperate robust AI services and cloud computing for on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially video and image data storage, and assessment.

NSoft Vision Use Cases

Powerful features such as Facial Recognition with the addition of age and gender prediction enable software users to identify their customers in relation to their business. Utilizing AI features allows businesses to do a thorough player profiling, get an overall understanding of customer behavior, obtain a wide range of demographic insights, adjust decision-making process to customer needs and thus scale their business.

People counting and heat maps combined make a fine use case for extensive customer reporting. People count gives constant data on how many customers are moving through monitored areas providing insight into time periods when visitors are most active and what locations tend to have the most traffic in different time periods. Heat maps provide information on what areas tend to have most visitors and analyze what retail areas attract the most attention with an intuitive coloring system that could bring enormous help in product optimization, spatial design modification, etc.

Vision is currently being introduced to companies in Europe due to the NSoft’s existing long-term partnerships. This market approach strategy is allowing avoidance of any turbulence in its initial phase and offers the possibility to gradually scale the product to multiple industries.

How to Setup NSoft Vision?

NSoft Vision can be installed on any modern IP camera surveillance system by embedding AI between the local server and dedicated camera connected to the network .. Server constantly performs AI processing and communicates with central cloud platform on demand as part of the central device management. Meaning, among other possibilities, it’s possible to hook up a device to the live streams or recorded footage remotely while on the go.

The next level for NSoft Vision implementation is the support of NVR’s which are mostly used in Internet Protocol video surveillance systems.

Why NSoft Vision?

tj.As it might have been grasped out of the context earlier, the point of building this system came out of NSoft’s ever-present strive to resourcefully improve on what is already existent in current business setup and thus effectively advance multiple business aspects. Its development has proved to be a lot more compelling while using emerging technologies for which NSoft has always held enormous interest.

We pictured it like this: If there is an eye carefully watching over every part of the house solely to keep it safe, imagine giving that eye a superpower, affordable but yet able to help out with full house management with the smallest effort of inmates. That is what they call “being smart” nowadays, isn’t it?

What exactly do I need Vision for? Not only that it provides full security solution but it cost-effectively brings along the intelligence that assures insights potent enough to crucially disrupt any merchandise future.

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