Object detection in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas using AI

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Object detection in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas using AI

This article is a continuation of Self driving Grand Theft Auto car in 100 lines of code . The objective of this series is to use Grand Theft Auto or any other game for AI development.

GTA SA has a rich environment of objects and different viewpoints while driving the vehicle.

Project 2: Object Detection in GTA

The idea is to use YOLO to perform object detection in GTA environment


1. GTA San Andreas (put d3d9.dll in the installation path so that GTA will start in a minimized window)

2. Anaconda

Getting the inputs and outputs:

The input to the YOLO model is a screenshot of the game window using image grab

img1 = ImageGrab.grab(bbox=(0,200,800,400))

The grabbed image is then passed to YOLO model to print prediction

detections = detector.detectObjectsFromImage(input_image=’img1.jpg’, output_image_path=’combo.jpg’, minimum_percentage_probability=30)

The predcited image is printed as frame after frame while gives a view of a video stream


Traffic light detection

Traffic light detection

Multiple detection’s of Person and Car

Multiple detection’s of Person and Car

Train detection

It was difficult to get this one 🙂

Code : https://github.com/Knnambi/Object_detection

Steps to follow:

  1. Open GTA SA
  2. Run “Object_detection.py”


Video of the code in work