OGQ acquires ‘Listen Soft’, a digital asset content technology company

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

OGQ acquires ‘Listen Soft’, a digital asset content technology company

Continued investment and acquisition of builder studio technology companies, including deep learning-based AR stickers and image content

Social creator platform OGQ (CEO Shin Cheol-ho, www.ogq.me) acquired ‘Listen Soft’ (co-representative Jang Youn Lee, Su Hwan Lee). The company’s first acquisition after attracting 5 billion won investment from African TV in July will further accelerate the acquisition of technology for content production studios to rapidly expand 10 million creators.

Since 2017, we have been running Kyaraten, a builder service that allows anyone to easily create and share digital assets such as emoticons and stickers. More than 160,000 users have created asset contents, including 140,000 stickers, and shared them on various platforms, messengers and social media.

OGQ is planning to launch globally in November by developing a builder studio that utilizes Listen Soft’s technology to allow global creators to easily create digital assets. Asset contents such as emoticons, AR stickers, illustrations, fonts, and voices are automatically linked and sold in all OGQ markets using OGQ’s OPEN API, as well as Naver OGQ Market and Africa TV OGQ Market. 70% of the amount sold is settled to OGQ creators.

Yoon-Kyung Lee, General Manager of OGQ C & C, said, “We will continue to invest in and acquire technology companies that automatically generate copyright asset contents.

*This article translated by SuHwan LEE