OLCF Tokens: For Seamless Transactions On OLPORTAL!

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OLCF Tokens: For Seamless Transactions On OLPORTAL!

OLCF tokens are utility tokens or gateway tokens on the OLPORTAL ecosystem. Users can earn and exchange them for products or services. During initial coin offering, OLPORTAL offered a predetermined number of OLCF tokens to the public.

While there is a cap on the number of OLCF tokens available on the OLPORTAL ecosystem, the value of each token will shoot up as the engagement on the platform increases and the demand for OLCF tokens rises.

With the introduction of the much-awaited AI neurobots marketplace just round the corner, and with the first use case of OLPORTAL, in the form of the iMe Messenger already becoming popular, the price of the OLCF token can only go in one direction — up!

Why Buy OLCF Tokens Beforehand?

If utility tokens are bought ahead, holders can use them to avail special advantages. They will have access to services and products OLPORTAL launches in the future. Holders will also be eligible for a variety of discounts and coupons from time to time as the platform announces.

While transactions can be carried out using OLCF tokens with or without conversion, if a user has enough OLCF tokens in his OLWallet, it makes things less complicated. Or else, foreign tokens will have to be converted through a specialized OLEscrow account.

How to Spend Tokens on Bots Instead of Fiat Money?

Users don’t have to spend their fiat money for purchases inside the ecosystem, instead, they can simply use their OLCF tokens available in their OLWallets.

The value of OLCF tokens is directly proportional to the number of users who create and purchase OLCF tokens. As the demand for OLAI neurobots increases, so does the value of OLCF tokens.

Users can activate trained bots in chats for free in the form of the LCFNN.6 function. But for further storage, additional training, and development of OLAI neurobots, OLCF tokens will be paid instead of popular currencies in use.

The platform rewards users for maintaining the network and securing the legal network consensus to participants. To earn OLCF tokens without creating OLAI neurobots, users can run a node and provide their computer powers for the proper performance of the network. The rewards will be calculated following a predefined scheme.

How To Earn Tokens By Leasing Bots?

OLAI Neurobots with distinct personalities and purposes integrate with messengers to automatically generate replies. Users can create and train neurobots to serve a purpose and put them for sale or lease on OLMarket. Each time the neurobot generated replies are used in a chat, the creator will be paid in OLCFs. This will be a great way to earn some passive income on OLCF tokens as the popularity of your neurobot increases.

Claim Your OLCF Tokens For Free

Don’t have enough OLCF tokens? There is an easy way to earn OLCF tokens, for free!

All you have to do is sign up on OLPORTAL platform, download iME Messenger from Google PlayStore for the Telegram Application and get a new account on Coinall Exchange. During OLPORTAL airdrops, if you’re active on the platform, your account will be credited with OLCF tokens!

The time is ripe to get hold of your OLCF tokens. Get access and earn profits on the revolutionary OLPORTAL ecosystem.

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