OLPORTAL Neurobots Marketplace

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OLPORTAL Neurobots Marketplace


Regardless of the way that the blockchain innovation has recorded a sensible market capitalization over a couple of years of presentation, there are still few problems plaguing the blockchain technology till date and with many developers trying to release their own digital currencies to deliver at best for users all over the world yet many did fail to take care of the issues disheartening mass adoption of the blockchain and the utilization and acknowledgment of Cryptocurrencies in our regular day to day life.

In this Article I’m going to introduce a more efficient artificial intelligence project that’s capable of fixing major problems plaguing other A.I projects using blockchain technology and how this particular project can help increase the mass adoption problems plaguing A.I blockchain technology.


Olportal is a decentralized messenger on neural networks with the feature of synthetic

Intelligence dialogues. The possibility to create messages mechanically on your behalf and

Keep conversations in specific codecs and styles is the hallmark of the integrated ai

Olportal is the world’s first decentralized messenger on hybrid neural networks

With the feature of artificial intelligence verbal exchange, which will be disbursed

Within the OLnet decentralized community.


Olportal crew created an olportal task with a shape in which each detail is carefully connected and lasted.

OLMarket — OLMarket is an online store in the OLPORTAL application where users can place and advertise their trained neurobots OLAI in order to sell them to other users. OLAIs trained by us in different fields will also be available for purchase on the OLMarket.

OLTarget — OLTarget is a full-fledged bidirectional service for the promotion of advertising material in OLPORTAL by the means of artificial intelligence. It serves to display media content to users fitting predetermined characteristics who gave their permission to view the advertisements on a reward basis.

OLChat — OLChat is an internal messenger used at OLPORTAL. It employs the functions of artificial intelligence LCFNN.6. Local Communication Function on Neural Networks, level 6 is the predictive (anticipating) system of native typing system used in a messenger’s dialogue communications. It is based on the self-learning hybrid deep neural networks with users’ support and AI pretrained to the level 6.

OLAccount — OLPORTAL’s accounts feature extensive informational content about users, in particular about their affiliation with some form of social media and messenger services. Due to the unique method of binding accounts, users will have the opportunity to apply the data accumulated in their social media and messengers as personal Dataset for OLAI neurobots training.

OLWallet — OLWallet is the decentralized multicurrency wallet of the OLPORTAL application. The key functions of OLWallet will be integrated into chats which will allow to conduct any types of transactions directly in users’ dialogues.

OLNet: — OLNet — a decentralized network, built on the Hedera Hashgraph platform. This is the basis for the functioning of the entire OLPORTAL ecosystem and the foundation for all applications.

iMe Messenger — Integration of neurobots inside Telegram chats through an alternative iMe Messenger client. Test neurobots by downloading the iMe Messenger app. We have already implemented a store with about 100 different character neurobots for communication in English and Russian languages. We are developing functionality for creating neurobots by users.


20+ NEUROBOTS: Built-in AI powered bots, ready to use.

COMMISSIONS FOR BOT-OWNERS: Rent your bot and earn tokens 24/7.

ADVERTISEMENT: The publication and promotion using OLChat and OLMarket.

DEALS: C2C, C2B, B2B types of arrangements between users in OLChat.

NEUROBOTS: Sales and purchase of OLAI neurobots.

BUSINESS ACCOUNTS: Decentralized data storage.

COMMISSION PAYMENT: When conducting transactions via OLWallet.

TARGETED ADVERTISING: Ad placement in the OLTarget service.

REWARD: Users get for viewing advertising.


OLportal is the primary of its type and merely reading about its use case you already understand how completed its products are, fully up and jogging, this is the primary a.I task running on blockchain technology that works out of the box, this is your golden risk of turning into the a part of something large and new. I’ve more self belief in olportal unlike many a.I initiatives in the past that don’t without a doubt have any actual a.I technology to show the arena



Token Ticker: OLCF

Platform: ETH

Total Supply: 6,900 000 000

Token Price: 0.0059$


Website: https://olportal.ai/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/olportal

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/olportal/

Telegram: https://t.me/olportal_ai

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/olcf-corporation/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OLPortal23/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/olportal/

Medium: https://medium.com/@olportal.ai


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