OLPORTAL’s OLCF Token To List Soon on CoinAll, Next Stop- OKEx

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OLPORTAL’s OLCF Token To List Soon on CoinAll, Next Stop- OKEx

OLPORTAL, a promising Artificial Intelligence-powered blockchain project that has various decentralized solutions for integration with messenger applications has now been listed on the CoinAll Exchange. The platform not only aims to make communication easy but also provides opportunities for commercial users with advertising bots, which can perform functions like making recommendations and even providing news to name a few.

The project distinguishes itself from other chatbots by allowing the users to generate, and also customize the neurobots they create. These user-created bots can then be downloaded and used by other users. What’s more, such transactions can be monetized and can be used for the growth and development of the infrastructure of the platform.

Next step in project roadmap

After the listing, the platform aims to expand its operations in scale. The iMe Messenger has been released and has already garnered close to 125,000 installations of which around 72,000 are on the App Store. The company aims to develop other apps that can help realize the full potential of the underlying technology, and work seamlessly within the ecosystem in the coming days.

This listing on the CoinAll exchange is the first step towards a listing on the OKEx digital assets trading platform. CoinAll is a part of the OKEx Open Partnership Program, which marked the launch of 100 partner exchanges. In fact, CoinAll was the first company in this line. Within 90 days from this listing, the OLCF coin will be listed on the OKEx platform.

According to statistics from 2018, OKex was the largest crypto-exchange in terms of turnover. It has a huge user base and very stable and reliable safety features. Being based in Malta, both CoinAll and OKEx are licensed and extremely popular exchanges.

Users benefit from a reputed exchange

After the listing, the users will be able to buy tokens of the project on the platform. The OLCF token, which is an ERC-20 token, will also be the basic currency within the OLPORTAL ecosystem. It acts as the basic means of transaction on the platform. The users of the iMe messenger can also sell their tokens earned as rewards on the exchange.

Moreover, in order to lease bots on the iMe or the OLPORTAL, the users can buy the OLCF tokens from the exchange. In this way, the usability of the platform is set to increase manifolds, given the higher liquidity of its token as a result of being listed on a major exchange.

For a platform based on Artificial Intelligence, the greater number of users is imperative, given that, in order to train the bots, a mere increase in the volume of transactions is not enough. In this sense, such a step can go a long way in attracting new users, and lead to a prosperous community of users which will be good for all the stakeholders in the long run.

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