Once Computers, Robots, and AI take off Humans will become Dogs

Original article was published by Shiho on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

One big concern towards new developing technology is the fear of it taking over the world. Some people argue there will no longer be a need for humans once this happens, and robots will start killing us off once they recognize this. Others argue technology will take away all our jobs, and humans will become extremely lazy. These are my views on the future of technology and how it will impact humans.

Photo by Owen Beard on Unsplash

In a world controlled by computers, robots, and AI there will no longer be a need for humans, and robots are going to kill us once they realize this

Dogs are technically useless to human beings. Rather than killing dogs because we are much more advanced than them, we take care of them. I am not suggesting robots will take care of us in the same way we take care of dogs, but seeing the progress of robots in Japan makes me hopeful.

Technology is going to take away all of our jobs

I don’t think this is necessarily an undesirable thing. They will only take away jobs from humans that require them to be knowledgeable on a certain subject. Robots will be unable to replace humans in jobs that require creativity to generate ideas. These jobs are still going to depend on the aid of humans.

If robots can cook food faster and more precisely for us, what are we to complain about that? There will still need to be chefs with creative talents to come up with new recipes. Same goes with scientists. Robots can carry out the research, but humans need to come up with the ideas on what to test and conduct research on. Without a question or a hypothesis, robots will be unable to conduct any meaningful research. The creativity humans have is something extremely valuable.

Humans are going to become lazy.

Absolutely, humans are going to become lazy. However, humans have been becoming lazier already with modern technological advancements in general. Dogs are also lazier. They used to have to go out and hunt for their own food, but now humans supply food for dogs.

So what?

I see the bigger concern here as deciding what humans are going to do with their lives when they no longer need to work to live. Are we going to become dogs who sleep, eat, and play all day? Maybe. I think it all really depends on what you believe the meaning of life really is.