ONE WEEK ONE JOB – Artificial Intelligence Engineering

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ONE WEEK ONE JOB – Artificial Intelligence Engineering

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WELCOME TO OUR NEW SERIES“ONE WEEK ONE JOB”: In this new series, we will discuss and briefly introduce a profession that will be much more needed in the future every week. And this week’s profession is Artificial intelligence Engineering.

People who program machines to work like human brains and design machine learning algorithms are called artificial intelligence engineers. Artificial intelligence engineers who program machines to perform movements in a logical and efficient way can work in software companies. In addition, it is a profession that will be needed in hospitals, factories, and the service sector in the future.

According to LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, artificial intelligence engineering ranked 1st with an annual growth rate of 74%.


  1. Artificial intelligence specialist
  2. Robotics engineer
  3. Data scientist
  4. Full-stack engineer
  5. Site reliability engineer

So, what is the duty of an artificial intelligence engineer? What jobs does s/he do?

Research improvements to machine-learning algorithms. Use machine learning on a set of data inputs in a software development life cycle, Data mining, Pattern matching, Pattern recognition

Train machine-learning based software for domain-specific tasks (Image recognition, object detection, bioinformatics, autonomous vehicles, etc)

What must an AI Engineer be able to do?

Deploy software in production
Utilize modern software development methodologies
Code in several computer languages at an advanced level
Have well-developed critical thinking skills
Be proficient in statistics and mathematics
High sense of responsibility
Autonomous work
Analytical thinking

And Finally, how much an artificial intelligence engineer earns?

Some sources say they earn between $ 1 and $ 2 million annually. However, a little more realistic data is what the website called the freelancer map says.

Junior: $ 57,000
Average: $ 86,000
Senior: $ 114,000

So what do you think that to get this work, please specify in the comments 🙂