ONPASSIVE & GoFounders: An In-depth Review Is It a Scam or Legit? [Ultimate Guide 2020]

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ONPASSIVE & GoFounders: An In-depth Review Is It a Scam or Legit? [Ultimate Guide 2020]

Welcome to ONPASSIVE & GoFounders reviews! In this ONPASSIVE and GoFounders review, we will give you our accurate perspective on the launch of ONPASSIVE, the brand-new lead generation system, and the formation of Ash Mufareh’s growing lines.

We bring you what we know about this business opportunity from ONPASSIVE after going through a few customer review websites such as Mouthshut, Sitejabber, Trustpilot, Hellopeter, Glassdoor, and Ambitionbox, with our analysis.

Know the Real Truth behind ONPASSIVE

The practice of artificial intelligence has increased in recent years. AI is now being embraced by all industries, ranging from sports to finance. With the help of market intelligence technologies, organizations rely on organized data to understand customer trends and make possible business decisions. This is where ONPASSIVE enters the picture. For various businesses to expand, ONPASSIVE presents AI-empowered business automation tools.



In this world, there is still someone making decisions every second. Certain expectations define the predicted outcome. And custom preferences flourish like a bud, but like a tree, they never bloom. A few people fear making choices to stand out from the crowd, jump, rise, or excel. Few in this selfish and helpless world are so stressed that they neglect thinking that survival is not LIVING.

For example, you’re an entrepreneur, and you’re trapped with the right way to sell and support your company, products, or services. The approach to financial freedom, both offline and internet, is being sought. In autopilot mode, the tools that come with ONPASSIVE will take care of your full company requirements and let you enjoy your personal life.

How ONPASSIVE and GoFounders Help Entrepreneurs?


AI usage is growing day by day. Companies use AI to recognize customer behavior according to their decisions and expectations from search assistants and company directors to self-managed analytics.

There are various options for technologically advanced methods that entrepreneurs can use today. Entrepreneurs focus on modes of marketing that are simpler, easier, cost-effective, and accurate.

In reality, entrepreneurs continue to look for innovative marketing strategies for their respective brands, and the platform of GoFounders and ONPASSIVE is always there to help. Below are a few ways on how ONPASSIVE and GoFounders allow businesses to accelerate productivity and raise their revenue.

Ability to exchange ideas and thoughts: Entrepreneurs will have the ability to share with other investors’ diverse approaches and tactics. This will also encourage the company owners to obtain valuable insights from other entrepreneurs.

Providing customers with personalized experience: By using AI on the platform, companies may now be able to reach users on blogs or social media platforms directly. Besides, the customers can also receive much-personalized experience from the entrepreneurs.

More Efficient Automation: All functions and processes related to the industry are going to be automated. So far, only a few business operations have been streamlined, and various business activities will not be automated for a long time. Entrepreneurs would be forced to concentrate on fields that need a commitment from them.

Process of Joining ONPASSIVE and GoFounders

There are multiple ways to join ONPASSIVE through the GoFounders.net website, where you can sign up as a founder, and the system puts you straight under the ONPASSIVE admin. You can use the link shared by existing founders on ONPASSIVE and GoFounders if the already signed up member invites you. Make sure you read GoFounders and ONPASSIVE review online, where you can learn precisely how you can join ONPASSIVE. ONPASSIVE reviews can help you find more information on the roles of the founder and their team.

There are two common ways observed on how to join ONPASSIVE and GoFounders:

1) Direct Signup: You can register directly through an invitation link sent by the sponsors through the GoFounders website.

Below are the steps:

1) Visit https://www.gofounders.net/

2) Click on “SIGN IN”

3) Registration Page

2) Signup via invitation: You can get invitations from your sponsors who have already signed up for GoFounders. If you have a sponsor and you have shared the invitation link, make sure to check their name while registration.

ONPASSIVE Reviews: The Truth about ONPASSIVE and GoFounders

Unlike other MLM firms that make money by hiring members and do not have any products or services to provide or sell, this MLM concept is a product-based IT business. This company enables its members to use its artificial intelligence-powered automation tools.

It is now active in 200+ countries at the moment and has 200,000 active participants! Yes, you read it right. Since the platform’s launch, these founders have access to all the solutions and services developed by the company are free of cost. The opportunity provided by this organization is you need to refer to other participants to build a team to receive commissions. The organization is in the advertising sector, where they help you attract traffic from other group users from beyond the platform itself. The organization is currently in a pre-launch state, so some of the details will change after the launch; we will update it in the future if that happens.

Is the Organization a Scam or Legit

Let’s first consider what sorts of enterprises are referred to as a scam before heading directly to the question of whether this is a legal company or a scam? Is GoFounders.net a Hoax or Legit? You need to know about many firms because they use or sell Pyramid or Ponzi programs to operate their companies, where they do not have any services or products to use or sell. These kinds of businesses sell memberships, and they do not advertise any products or services. Instead, they still concentrate on taking in more participants via the currently recruited members, and the joining fee is divided amongst the other participants.

Whereas, GoFounders offers its users AI-Powered business automation tools to use and sell. These tools help company owners accomplish their day-to-day business activities with optimum performance at a much cheaper cost with less commitment. It offers commissions to active-users of these resources.

Overview of ONPASSIVE & GoFounders

ONPASSIVE is still in its pre-launch process, as we have already stated before. The platform is officially published as the service of choice under the “GoFounders.net” website. The domain “onpassive.com” has created a listing, and it appears behind the ONPASSIVE launch, we shall cover the GoFounders website and the company records.

The domain names’ gofounders.net’ and ‘onpassive.com’ have been privately registered back in 2018. The platform offered by ONPASSIVE and GoFounders has developed a few strategies to help multiple businesses accelerate their productivity and increase their performance.

Personalized Services to Customers

From start to finish, no worker can build a vehicle, and not every company can attempt to compete with those around it by selling the very same product or services. It limits efficiency and takes too many resources and time. If your company is good at making t-shirts and caps, but you’re struggling to produce shoes and trousers, considering limiting the products to only caps and t-shirts to be smart.

Provide Effective Training and Empower People

Naturally, as an entrepreneur, you find yourself trying at the beginning to handle each aspect of the business. As you expand, you will find that it becomes a little too busy for one individual and that even taking the time to read your email will be missed in the process. Taking time to teach and prepare them, whether you have one employee or more. The long term would yield huge dividends for employees who manage the enterprise for attention and detail as if they were their own. They are to serve you and help your company succeed, so you need to embrace their assistance.

Productive Customer Relationships

For a business, customer relationships are essential. The customer who comes through your door every day is the most critical business asset. Typically, forgotten things like recalling names or favorite objects can’t sound important to you, but it may mean the world to your client. The smile they leave on your company will contribute to their family and friends’ through the right word of mouth and recommendations. Memorizing names, maybe, isn’t your thing, try using a GoFounders customer experience management platform to keep the information updated and readily available.

Optimize your Time with Tech

There are many productivity-focused applications, tools, and gadgets out there to manage your time so that you can be more efficient. In contrast, operations such as mindlessly reviewing emails and flipping across social media are perfect examples of how technology can hinder your productivity. Using a password-protected platform or email security tools, set up calendars, alerts to keep you on track will help you make your times virtually.

Is GoFounders & ONPASSIVE Reliable?

This is a legitimate MLM enterprise for everyone, with products to sell. This AI-powered business automation software helps to grow the organization all around the world.

Let’s leave you to decide on this step. It’s your business, it’s your resources, it’s your time, and it’s your commitment, and no one is going to make the better option for you than yourself.

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