Open Problems Day

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Once per quarter we gather the research community to collaboratively brainstorm on major open problems related to and potential applications of emerging techniques in AI-driven state understanding.

Join us for Open Problems Day on March 20th, 2020.

While our other events (hackathons and demo day) are primarily focused on contributors, Open Problems Day is focused on bringing together current and potential future application-area experts — the purpose of this is to create opportunities for creative brainstorming and planning of future applications of AI-drive state understanding. Attendees do not need to have any understanding of machine learning or state understanding —rather it is important they have specialized knowledge of some (in many cases clinical) application area such as clinical neurology, psychiatry, cognitive neuroscience, mindfulness meditation, employee and workplace effectiveness and wellness.

The first morning session will provide an overview of currently available state understanding techniques that are ready to be used in studies of real-time clinical interventions. This involve the small amount of necessary background in machine learning for attendees to have productive discussions subsequently. Remaining sessions will involve invited open problem presentations from attendees and open creative discussions of opportunities to break new ground in each of these areas.

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