Our deepest desire for authentic connection

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

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Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

In the world we live now where it is mostly driven by superficiality that found even in conversations and through people, it is extremely rare to find people who would willing to share their deepest true self and to have a conversation based on vulnerability, humility or even just curiosity to get to know the other way beyond the surface level.

It seems that to reach that certain depth in conversation, one must sacrifice a lot and often times one does not willing to make that decision. Many of us when we’ve encountered this type of conversation triggers the fear within us too. It is the fear of being “too exposed” where we feel the other person can see right through us and the fear that they might use our weakness against us.

There is also the fear where this type of connection are considered too good to be true and one often found withdrawn to the connection they desperately need.

Such connection whether we try to resist it or not are known to be one of the things we desire as humans, and that is to connect with each other. It may come of as scary, to be so open with another person yet it is also reside inside us the need to be understood not just by surface level but to be understood as whole living being. Another powerful impact one can make out of this connection is that how much of it can help you to understand yourself as a person. “What makes you do that?” “Does it make you happy?” “Why does it bring passion to you?” such question they help us reflect on who we are and really develop our thought process to think more deeper into things.

And from myself, personally it is one of the thing that keeps me going. To know that out there such people exist and are still willing to search for a deep and truthful connection. I’ve met these people and we can go days without talking to each other, yet there is an understanding that comes from both parties where we felt we hold a piece of our stories inside one another.

“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.” — William James