Our existence here…

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

We are a bunch of builders on the pursuit of making conversation intelligence readily accessible to more builders. Our mission is to enable businesses to amplify their conversation experiences to increase the human connection, both internal and external to the organization.

As we continue to work on problems in our journey, there will be some problems that we will solve, have solved or failed at solving. Our core motivation with this publication to share with you — ALL of our learnings.

Some of the stories will include challenges while building this contextual conversation understanding system around — NLP, deep learning, machine learning, data training and augmentation, real-time streaming voice, telephony systems, scalability, reliability, deployment models, security, privacy.

Additionally, there are some interesting roads that our family has been through — hiring first key people, finding early customers, getting into Techstars accelerator, raising the first round of venture funding, and scaling beyond that.

We are looking forward to more milestones as we progress and build the company and hope to contribute to the knowledge in this community from our growth. If you are solving similar problems, we would love to hear from you to share more comprehensive information, together.

The writing team, rammer.ai