Out Of Vocabulary

Original article was published by Anush Sankaran on Deep Learning on Medium

Q: Can you explain life and machine learning, together?

A: Let me try, … Presenting to you “Out of Vocabulary” — both in life and in machine learning!

My life evolution as a Neural Network

You might expect that this poem would have some deep meaning,
For I had some deep learnings with my life,
Alas! my experiences were not weighed equally,
But, biased towards certain instances of time.

Growing up was too much fun with little cost for any error,
A higher learning rate for sports and arts, compared to academics,
Parents’ support acted as a huge momentum,
Life just swayed in all the directions without any objective.

Lack of a guided teacher, made me choose engineering,
With not much of a variance from every other kid in the town,
College life was mostly self-supervised learning,
But, in all fairness, it was tough to explain where I was heading.

My search for philosophy further continued,
With a lot of attention from my PhD supervisors,
There was a genetic evolution inside me,
I became a lab rat, choosing science over engineering and life!

High school after college after PhD after job after job,
Life was a questionable trade-off with career,
Many people entered my life and dropped out,
As I planned to make my sparse life more happening and Dense.

This transform is not smooth, as expected,
Life’s objective is becoming too complex, with multiple losses,
This quest in search of my true identity,
Is a battle up the hill, that I can never backtrack.

Data from the past suggests that the life can be noisy and incomplete,
But it is our choice, on how to represent ourselves and feature our life,
Reinforced by small rewards, accumulated over time,
Focus on the larger meta-learnings without worrying about the critics!