[P] Quelling my fears about the future with fortune cookies and GPT-2

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With all that is happening in the world I think many worry about the future. To get some clarity I trained a GPT-2 to tell fortune cookie fortunes. The results were very wholesome and made me feel better, so I thought I should share. 🙂

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The project itself is nothing noteworthy, it is just huggingface. But I think GPT-2 really nails the pseudo profundity of fortune cookies.

Sample fortunes
It really does not matter which direction you are traveling from if you move ahead.
Life is short. Eat your cake!
A person who is not afraid of any, may be welcomed in safety.
An iron furnace will break if you ignore its own command.
A great change among people is upon us.
It’s a beautiful day. Look around you.
Ask someone to hold your hand. You will feel happier today.
People can accomplish great things when they are given equal opportunities.
Do not hesitate to order a drink, it will fill you with high-quality energy.
Be not afraid to ask for more information. Stay alert! We’ve got to learn as much as we can today.
You will build strong friendships.
Stay aware of what you don’t know.
In times when you are in the best position for what you dream, be open and honest.
Do not let fate judge us.
You will become a better man by not fighting past your obstacles.
All things must come about from below.
All will be right with you, no mistakes will happen. Everything will be fine.
You are the first to get the position you want to be.
The more you spend, the more you have.
Everyone who works for you seeks to achieve their own ends.
You will be surrounded by love.
Your loved ones will love you even more than they did before.
You will be happy in your lifetime.
The most beautiful thing in life is having a new adventure.
What is it like working for an entrepreneur?
If the best you can do is follow the rules of the market, what do you do then?
Try not to be taken by surprise.
You will receive a special medal for your efforts.
A happy new year brings a big reward for you.
A great idea may be waiting to become ingrained into your soul.
The moment your wish will come true should come true.
You will become a better person.
There are ways we can save others.
We need more people to fill the shoes of today.
You will become a better friend.
The great change taking place in the world will have a major impact on the way we look at ourselves.
Your life will change your life forever.
You can accomplish many things today.
Everything we do today will be great for you.
You will be welcomed into our world to become your personal hero.
It is you they are looking for.
It is a great day to be the happiest.
Your ability to be a better life will be honored by your accomplishments.
It is never too late to pursue the dream of a new career.
Today is a big day for you, but tomorrow will be a long day.
Good luck, you will be having a happy and successful day.
Try again tomorrow.
Now is your chance at success.
Tomorrow is about where you will be spending time today.
Don’t worry about tomorrow just wait for it.

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