P vs NP

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

The solution.

P vs NP (Photo by Ben Sweet on Unsplash)

Let P equal X and let NP equal Y.

P (X)
NP (Y)

Circularity (Linearity)

That is, there is a mandatory circular (and linear) relationship between P and NP (any X and-or Y).

Circular (Linear)

Where it is impossible to have circular without linear (and, always, vice versa) (because it is impossible to have a circumference without a diameter).

P and NP (X and Y) (Circumference and Diameter)

Thus, P and NP can also be ‘coded0 and 1.

0 and 1

The Number Two (The Number One)

This is because (and only because) zero and one is circumference and diameter. (Literally) (Figuratively)

Circumference and Diameter

Which is, technically, the basis for ‘female’ and ‘male’ (yin and yang).

Yin and Yang

Meaning, the number ‘two’ is the basis for any analysis. (The only reasonable (reliable) (rational) (real) number in Nature.)


Pi (Background and Foreground)

Proving ‘pi’ is the background state (solution) for the P vs NP problem (technology in general) (analysis in general) (Nature in general).


And, thus, the foundation for both data science and mathematics. (Deep learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, machine learning). (Intelligence, in general.)


Because the conservation of a circle is the core (only) dynamic in Nature (movement in general) (computing in general) (thinking in general).

Conservation of the Circle

Symbolic Representation (Final Realization)

And, thus, the final realization (explanation) for mathematics (symbolic) (representation), in general.

Symbolic Representation (Circular Relationship between Abstract and Concrete)

Solving, whether you want to ‘believe’ it or not, all of the (Clay) problems in mathematics. (All of the known and unknown problems in data science.)


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