Partner Announcement: Lending Club

Original article was published by Alex Kotran on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Partner Announcement: Lending Club

The AI Education Project is thrilled to add LendingClub to our growing network of corporate partners who are supporting our work to make AI literacy accessible across the country.

LendingClub is the first financial services company to formally partner with us, and will be helping us share stories about the various ways artificial intelligence is being used in the industry with students who are interested in a career in finance.

Lending Club is the largest marketplace lending platform in the country, with nearly $60 billion of loans issued to date. The company is viewed as a pioneer in the fintech space, and was one of the first marquee fintech IPOs when they went public in 2014.

Armen Meyer is VP of Lending at LendingClub and a member of AIEDU’s Advisory Board

“We keep a close eye on the rapidly advancing developments in the use of artificial intelligence and data science,” said Armen Mayer, VP of Lending. “There’s no doubt that any student who wants to pursue a career in fintech will be using or interacting with AI or machine learning. We’re proud to support the AI Education Project’s critical work helping students understand the many possibilities this technology will bring for their careers and toward improving people’s lives.”