Pictures with Deep Meanings

Original article was published by Anush PV on Deep Learning on Medium

Pictures with Deep Meanings

2. Imagine a better world.

3. What some may have in abundance is a luxury to someone else.

4. How greed for power and money cleaves bond and trust.

5. What goes around comes around.

6. It’s not just a tree…

7. Ideas will live on.

8. Empty vessels makes the most noise.

9. When the law stoops for money.

10. Painting a perfect picture.

11. Gold digger.

12. A true depiction of the puppet hierarchy in society.

13. They carry more than what they can.

14. Food for thought.

15. What goes in, goes out.

16. No mercy.

17. Toxic relationships.

18. Gratitude and attitude makes a difference.

19. Most addictive modern age trap.

Image courtesy: Google Images