Pleasures:short term v/s long term

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Kabir used to sew blankets for his living,devoted his 3–4 hours to it and most of the times gave it to free or charged very less.His family were annoyed and confused to this behavior as how he can give his labor to someone as free but hardly understood that it was the secret of his poetry.
A man who hardly learnt any specific language for poetry,didn’t have any decorative word in his dictionary still able to make pieces which are alive even after 600 years of his death.
You might be wondering that how his poetry was related to his profession?It was not his profession but his devotion that made difference.His continuous 3–4 hours of sewing led him to concentrate deeply that we can see in his observations.
Although deep concentration was a need of that time as every thing was dependent on the accuracy of human hands.But today artificial intelligence has impacted our life so hard that these arts are now waste of time for us.Economically,it is no doubt a great sign but there is something very important we have lost in our technological journey,habit of concentration.
Today,when we go to any metropolitan city we find clubs,restaurants where loud music,liquor,smoking is quite common as well as cool.However,although all the things are available you will find people complaining about everything and usually spend their leisure time inventing new problems.Increasing rates of depression,suicides are enough to show something really important is missing from our lives.
Increasing options for entertainment has led us to addicted to the short term pleasures that simply restricts us to go in deep concentration as you might be noticing that smartphones algorithms are designed in such a way that compels us to go through it regularly.
We are intelligent living beings as other living beings are compelled by their nature so we are,but regular distraction has made us so frustrated that these signs are shown in the form of aggression,depression etc.
We are designed to create arts,science skills but these things require keen observation that comes with concentration and concentration comes with practice.So it is not time wasting if you give your time to reading,solving basic mathematics,drawing,singing,learning languages just because some software can do it better for you as I said it was nothing in sewing but the devotion that was required for his happiness.You need these things so you can learn to go deep inside yourself to bring your true self rather than just trying to copy some other personality unfortunately from same source of distraction.
I am not saying that entertainment is bad but it’s just a pickle in your plate,you need it for taste but excess of it affects your health very badly.Short term pleasures are good when they are used to remove distraction from your life that stops you to go deep.For example,you listen to music so that you can again go to study.Filling your whole bag of time with these short time pleasures does not leave space for deep thinking what you need the most to stay actually alive.Balancing your life with short term and long term pleasure is real success as your freedom lies is in your life choices not in your possessions