Post AI world — We’re gonna be paid more

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(Let me explain – from a fellow marketer’s perspective)

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I’m a marketing strategist by profession. I strongly believe — keen observation & logical prediction are two main skills that a good marketing strategist should be endowed with. This blog is a predictive supposition of what would likely to happen, once the Artificial Intelligence (AI) hype wave has swept the world. This view, and my reasoning behind it, is of course, riddled with my biases, blind spots and other cognitive shortcomings. Many of you are experts or have better ideas than I in these areas, so know that I’m eager to hear your thoughts.

Jobs in ML

AI is being/will be adopted quickly on a very rapid scale for obvious reasons we all are exposed to — it saves time, money and performs what it is instructed in a way more efficient than humans in most cases. In other words, “Make more money in less time with fewer resources” — every corporate business in this world would fall for this. Though early technology adoption and setup cost may be high, it will not be priced so high that the corporate will have no second thought or whatsoever to afford it. The other reason that we will witness rapid adoption rate is that marketers have become so good at marketing these things, almost all industry is now powered by AI, even where there seems to be a no relevance at all. All they want is to sound cool & to look like they are keeping up with the trend.

Take this one for instance- Homeopathy & AI. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But, what I’m expecting is, We humans basically are social beings, deep inside we all have feelings and emotions attached. We will reach a point in the near future where making everything “artificial” will soon start to suck. We will long to experience life just the way it has to be — more lively, interactive and unexpected — that’s what keeps us alive.

In today’s AI, everything is almost streamlined, input/output based — we will soon reach the point of realization of boring nature of making everything artificial. We will very soon demand more human interactions as a part of our daily life. It’s not that AI is not more efficient than human, the reason is it’s not human at first place, how hard you try to make it as human as possible, we all know the truth already.

For instance, take this scene from the movie Whiplash,

These kind of experience are the things that make us humans, we cherish it, we love it, we expect it. We will very soon return to a point where we not only prefer but also feel good/humble/happy to interact with a fellow human being than to a bot.

At present, we are comfortable interacting with machines/bots than with humans is because we have failed to value ourselves and our jobs. We tend to be lazy, dumb, cheat, lie, ignore, spread hatred, play with emotions but machines won’t do that, even though they did it will be seen as a technical error.

In-order save our asses, we have to realize our mistakes, take lessons from the past and stop being a total jerk collectively as a human race before its too late. Otherwise, these corporate giants will continue make hefty ransoms while replacing each one of us with a bot.

I see the future in services industries where having human employee/resources will be marketed as a premium service. The word Humane will be added to the list of classic/vintage/pristine in the post-AI world. You will be paid more just for being a human with the required skill set, once people realize the importance and need of humanism, which they soon will.

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I kinda feel like it has already begun, just look at what I have stumbled upon while editing this draft —

The only way to prove our existence in our jobs beneficial than that of AI is to be more humane as possible in every possible situation. This is our call to action. Be kind, love your job, take care in what you do, make a difference, no matter what you do you can do it a lot better than those emotionless bots out there, be the change, create a fucking movement, all in a most humane way possible, machines won’t do that, machines can’t do that but only can be made to fake us. End of story.

The following are the few instances where the everyday people inspire this world to be more humane. (Please free feel to share stories which inspire you, in the comment section.)

With all said, I’m not against AI. Their aid would be a great boon to humanity, it could rapidly propel our existing knowledge and understanding in the field of astronomy, medicine, transportation, telecommunication, economics and more. I’m all in for AL/ML to be used in the field of research, exploration, analytics be it be any field but definitely not on our decision making processes especially in the field of privacy, governance, war and judiciary.

Let AI guide, not dictate. Let humanism prevail.

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