Pre-Peri-Post Lockdown Covid-19 Outbreak in India

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Pre-Peri-Post Lockdown Covid-19 Outbreak in India

Source: DataPal

India is stepping into Unlock 2.0, ushered towards normalcy while still maintaining some curb on schools, colleges, gyms, entertainment, religious and cultural functions etc. Looking at the numbers from pre, peri and post lockdown phases (Unlock 1.0) on, it is clearly visible that due to unlock 1.0 the number of novel coronavirus cases have increased drastically and at the same time the fear of Covid-19 among Indian citizens started dropping.

From 567 Covid-19 cases in pre-lockdown phase and 1,90,648 cases during the lockdown, the numbers went sky-high to 5,67,536 post unlock 1.0 (as of 29th June, 2020). Covid-19 started in India at the end of January with a few cases. Since then, it has been spreading throughout the country with varying rates. With an amazing group of Data scientists and talented Software engineers at DataPal, we thought of contributing to the solution through our skillset by informing people about what’s happening around, in a simplified manner by molding it into a story. We have given a holistic and in-depth picture of how it is spreading since the inception using automated data stories and Natural Language Generation(NLG).

Checkout the Datapal Covid data story which currently has two sections(more coming up in the future).

  • The country-wide timeline based visualization which gives a visual picture of how the numbers have been varying over time at different stages of lockdown. The left panel gives access to change the numbers (confirmed, active, recovered and fatal) represented on the map. And a summary generated based on key insights gives the top headline without having to go through each and every number on the map.
  • Next, we show a comparative analysis of states over different lockdown phases. The dropdown box gives an access to change the states being compared on the chart.