Pre-Trained model for Image Classification

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Pre-trained models are models that have been trained using available public dataset and was done on the basis of some research paper/finding.

Keras is most popular library in Deep Learning which contain lots of model. Backend service like Tensorflow help provide an abstraction in the use of Keras trained model. A trained model has two parts — Model Architecture and Model Weights. Some of the available trained model for image classification include (based on keras website):

Documentation for individual models

The essence of this article is to decide on which model is suitable for the task at hand which is classifying of image into ‘hotel’ and ‘not-hotel’. To solve this task, we will be using transfer learning which will save us time. And transfer learning is usually expressed through the use of pre-trained models.

My suggestion is for my team to pick among “Xception or InceptionV3 model” since it has improved performance based on the statistics shown above.