Prepare for Your Cisco CCNA Exam Through Practice Tests

Web CCNA is an extremely important subject for anyone this day and age as websites become more relevant and frequently used in every facet of life. This is why today Cisco CCNA is one of the most popular services in the world. It can track and report website traffic, advertising ROI, as well as a multitude of other aspects related to other fields like social networking sites and applications as well. Author: Kaylee N

As the usage of websites increases, so does the necessity for individuals with the ability to understand and analyze the data collected within them. Successfully maintaining this workflow attracts more visitors to the site, subsequently making it (and the organization’s name) more widespread. This results in higher conversions and increased revenue and profits. And since it is in the biggest interest of any company, they are ready to create vast employment opportunities for qualified professionals, and Cisco allows you to become just such a knowledgeable specialist with the renowned GAIQ certification.

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GAIQ Credential and Exam: What to Know?

The Cisco CCNA badge, also known as the Cisco CCNA Individual Qualification (GAIQ) tests an individual’s expertise in digital CCNA and the main features of the Cisco CCNA platform. It requires candidates to pass an exam that is free and is provided online through the Cisco Partners Program. There are no prerequisites to taking this test and it can be started at any time.  Simulator

The GAIQ assessment includes 70 multiple-choice and multiple select questions, and candidates will be given 90 minutes to complete it. In order to pass, you have to achieve more than 80% marks. You can retake the test after 1 day if you don’t ace it on the first try. But with the following training resources, you are likely to succeed in the initial attempt.

Take the Cisco-Recommended Courses

The first course recommended by Cisco is “Cisco CCNA for Beginners”. It goes through the fundamentals of using this service including the interface, basic reports, and basic campaign and conversion tracking. The second course is “Advanced Cisco CCNA” which covers data collection and processing, setting up data configuration, advanced analysis tools and techniques, and advanced marketing tools. Also, you can enroll in 4 more courses to expand your knowledge further.  estking Link >>>

Utilize Practice Tests

There are skill assessments at the end of each course mentioned above, which will help gauge your understanding of the subject matter and pinpoint the areas where your knowledge is solid and the ones where you need more time for studies.

In addition to that, there is a vast amount of practice tests that can be very beneficial. These files contain actual exam questions and answers and give you an insight into the real testing environment. Thus, you’ll boost your confidence, gain important hands-on and exam-taking skills, and improve your time-management.

ExamSnap Cisco CCNP Enterprise Practice Test Questions

Use the Cisco CCNA Tool

The exam is all about the Cisco CCNA tool, so getting yourself familiarized with it is among the most crucial things you have to do. Make sure to create a demo account and use this service to explore all its details. Such knowledge will help you not only during the exam but in the future workplace as well.  91% Spoto Club >>


Cisco CCNA is one of the most popular web CCNA tools in the world, and professionals who are knowledgeable in it are in high demand. Hence passing the GAIQ exam will be beneficial for someone looking to forge a career in digital marketing. Prepare for this assessment with practice tests, ensure having a comprehensive skillset, and enjoy the perks of being accredited!