Primer on AI and Machine Learning (Part 1) — Beginners Level

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Primer on AI and Machine Learning (Part 1) — Beginners Level

How should a smart, college-educated person with a fascination about AI but no background get up to speed on it? Below are the resources that I would suggest. I offer four strategies to jump in: 1) read some introductory articles; 2) pick a few books and delve deeper; 3) take a short-course for non-technical people; 4) follow the newsletters that best report on AI/ML. I also have another post on AI/ML for more technical people (math and CS backgrounds) that I will link to here when I’m done with it.

1) Articles to Get Acquainted with AI/ML:

2) Topical books on AI/ML:

3) Online Courses to Dive Deeper into AI/ML (for non-technical people):

  • AI For Everyone (Andrew Ng — Deep Learning):
  • Elements of AI:

4) The Best AI/ML Newsletters: