Putting the A in AI — iGenius @ Milano Digital Week 2020

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Putting the A in AI — iGenius @ Milano Digital Week 2020

iGenius’ address will become the Augmented Intelligence District — and host a series of business and tech workshops — during the Milan Digital Week 2020, from 11 to 15 March.

Since its inception in the 1950s, the term artificial intelligence (AI) has acquired the most futuristic — though often unrealistic — meanings, survived an AI winter, and returned to become an integral part of our daily and working lives.

In a business context, AI is increasingly being deployed to automate repetitive tasks across industries, freeing humans from time-consuming activities and leaving them to focus on taking better decisions.

2020 will be the year when companies become “laser-focused on AI value” and “accelerate adoption”, according to Forrester.

By 2024, IDC predicts that 50% of structured repeatable tasks will be automated, and that 20% of employees engaged in high-tech tasks will have “digital colleagues” in the shape of software or other digital technology based on artificial intelligence.

“The work of the future”, according to IDC, “will be performed by both man and machines. Technologies automate and complement human work.”

Augmented intelligence is the result of an ever-increasing collaboration between humans and machines that rests on the idea that human intelligence and skills will not be replaced by technology, but augmented by it.

Augmented Intelligence @ Milano Digital Week 2020

iGenius is a proud supporter of Milano Digital Week 2020. Between 11 and 15 March, our address will become the Augmented Intelligence District and host a series of events aimed at shedding light on the concept of Augmented Intelligence.

We will explore the practical application and impact of Augmented Intelligence in a business workshop, hold a hands-on session on building an AI model for those interested in a tech up-skill, and offer job speed-dating sessions for candidates interested in starting or pivoting to a career in AI.

“We are delighted to be part of Milano Digital Week 2020”, said Micaela Raimondi, Senior Vice President of Marketing at iGenius. “The Augmented Intelligence District will be a must-go for both business leaders interested in innovating their companies, and employees who want to find out how technology will change their work, and life, in the not-so-distant future.”

Full program will be available on https://www.milanodigitalweek.com/.