Python Code: Github File

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Python Code: Github File

Aim of work: To find the run time of Mr Bean in a video.

Requirements: Training Video, Testing Video


1. Video is nothing but image snaps. So, video processing is as similar to image processing.

2. Extract the snaps from the training video.

3. Label it manually in a csv file. I labelled 1 for the presence of Mr Bean, 0 for absence.

4. This csv file will be our target. Our variables are images.

5. Fit the variables and target by using deep learning.

6. Now take the test video and extract the snaps.

7. These snaps are the testing ones.

8. By using the already trained model, the prediction is done.


We got the total run time of Mr Bean in the test video.

This work can be scalable.