QARAsoft at MWC Shanghai 2018

Last week, QARAsoft participated in this year’s GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Shanghai. MWC is the world’s largest conference for the mobile industry, incorporating thousands of startup exhibitions, networking events, and several speaking engagements from notable tech professionals.

With our global focus, we wanted to tap into the Chinese market and see how our app KOSHO fits in with the people in China. For four days, our team talked with professionals from various fields who had a strong interest in Deep Learning technology, as well as regular consumers who just happened to walk by our booth. China is a tough market to compete, but we’ve been able to gain invaluable insights in just a few short days.


Hosted by the Fintech Center Korea, QARAsoft was one out of five Korean startups to participate in the pitch event at MWC Shanghai. James Ihn, our Content Creator, took the stage and shared about the company’s vision in five minutes. Overall, we felt that people understood our business model very well and showed interest in learning more about KOSHO. The event itself lasted two hours, including a luncheon between the Chinese and Korean fintech startups.

Communicating Our App

Throughout the exhibition, we’ve received mixed reviews about KOSHO. Our biggest setback was communicating with the Chinese consumers. None of our team members spoke fluent Chinese, so it was difficult to get our message across. This was especially frustrating when people expressed genuine interest in getting to know more about our app. Nonetheless, we spent our time maximizing our conversations and showing anyone interested in KOSHO what’s special about the app.


Aside from the summer heat, Shanghai was a great city to visit. With its high energy and zeal for innovation and technology, QARAsoft felt right at home. Although we’ve faced several challenges due to cultural and language barrier, we took this opportunity to learn more about the Chinese market.

Future Plans

Our plan is to continue expanding our operations abroad and really establish ourselves as a global firm. At this time, we believe that focusing on other countries that are more receptive to our technology might be a better option for us. We want to focus our energy on countries that provide opportunities for KOSHO to grow. But that doesn’t mean we’ll leave China for good. Who knows, maybe we’ll come back in the near future.

If you want to see more, check out our Shanghai video!!

Source: Deep Learning on Medium