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RA365 Humanitarian Foundation



Trier University of Applied Science, Umwelt-Campus Birkenfied, Germany.


I am from Kogi State, Nigeria. I graduated in the year 2017 from the Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger State. From the Department of Industrial and Technology Education.


I met the academy through Mr. Omachonu Joshua Dominic and Mr. Ademola Eric Adewumi, who introduced me to the academy on what can be learned and the goals that will be achieved. I got interested and joined the academy.


In a country where only the strong, smart, and brave survive, we were made to believe that great opportunities are meant for the lucky ones, the prepared ones, and those who have “Godfathers”. Thus poor parents like mine who had to borrow and pay back with high-interest percentage just to afford tuition fees would give intense mind grilling advice every morning at home before we go about the day’s activities, this is done to keep I and my siblings abreast on the quality of life and steps to making a difference.

There are periods when we were asked not to go school for that day because we had to practice farming to survive and support my family, being the eldest son I had to engage in several menial jobs to provide services necessities in the home and for my upkeep. All these helped in improving my technical as well as my intellectual capacity. The experiences were tough but I am grateful and thankful because it has made me define life and opportunities in my own terms, other than what we were made to believe.

These experiences have also given me the edge on my choice of career, being a graduate of Industrial and Technology Education. It is said if a window of opportunity appears don’t pull down the shades “Tom Peters”. Failure to give thanks for such opportunities either to a supreme being (GOD) or to the guarantor of such opportunities is a failure in its early phases, so, therefore, it’s with utmost joy and gratitude that I give thanks to Mr. Dominic Omachonu Joshua who is the architect for the whole the process, a loving and supportive man who wants others to grow. Thanks to him being a beneficiary of the RA365 academy scholarship scheme. I also recognize the incredulous and loving role played by Mr. Ademola Eric and Victor Okpanachi, they guided me through all my applications and in securing my admission in Umwelt Campus Birkenfeld in Germany, all thanks to them.

Thanks to RA365 academy for the privilege to benefit from the scholarship, I say long live to the academy.