Reading: BAM — Bottleneck Attention Module (Image Classification)

Original article was published by Sik-Ho Tsang on Deep Learning on Medium

Reading: BAM — Bottleneck Attention Module (Image Classification)

In this story, BAM: Bottleneck Attention Module (BAM), by, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), and Adobe Research, is presented. In this story:

  • A new module, Bottleneck Attention Module (BAM), is designed, that can be integrated with any feed-forward CNNs.
  • This module infers an attention map along two separate pathways, channel and spatial.
  • It is placed at each bottleneck of models where the downsampling of feature maps occurs.

This is a paper in 2018 BMVC with over 100 citations. (Sik-Ho Tsang @ Medium)