Reading: Residual-VRN — Residual-based Video Restoration Network (Codec Filtering)

Original article was published on Deep Learning on Medium

Reading: Residual-VRN — Residual-based Video Restoration Network (Codec Filtering)

Using DCReLU in ResNet Blocks and Mixed Loss Function, Outperforms VRCNN, DCAD, Over 10% BD-Rate Reduction

In this story, Residual-based Video Restoration Network (Residual-VRN), by Peking University, is described. Based on the proposed network, residual-based video restoration network (residual-VRN), the decoded image quality, has been improved significantly. I read this because I work on video coding research.

This is firstly published in 2018 BigMM conference, then published in 2019 IEEE Multimedia Magazine which is a magazine that has high impact factor of 3.556. (not Transactions on Multimedia, TMM) The whole magazine article is freely accessed. The hyperlink is provided at the end of the story.

Though both paper are read, I would mainly describe the one in 2019 IEEE Multimedia Magazine here. (Sik-Ho Tsang @ Medium)