Reading: STMC / VESPCN — Spatial Temporal Networks and Motion Compensation / Video ESPCN (Video…

Original article was published on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Reading: STMC / VESPCN — Spatial Temporal Networks and Motion Compensation / Video ESPCN (Video Super Resolution)

Utilize STN, Outperforms SRCNN, ESPCN, VSRnet.

In this story, Real-Time Video Super-Resolution with Spatio-Temporal Networks and Motion Compensation (STMC / VESPCN), by Twitter, is briefly presented. Some papers called it STMC, and authors call it VESPCN in the paper themselves. In this paper:

  • Spatio-temporal subpixel convolution networks are introduced that effectively exploit temporal redundancies and improve reconstruction accuracy while maintaining real-time speed.
  • A novel joint motion compensation and video super-resolution algorithm that is orders of magnitude more efficient than competing methods, relying on a fast multi-resolution spatial transformer module that is end-to-end trainable.

This is a paper in 2017 CVPR with over 200 citations. (Sik-Ho Tsang @ Medium)