“Rebooting AI” notes-2

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In this post I would like to list some quotes from the book which I found them either important or interesting. (Note: some parts of the quotes are paraphrased by myself and some of them are my own insights)

2. What’s at Stake

A lot can go wrong when we put blind faith in big data (Cathy O’neil, TED Talk, 2017)

Despite AI is giving very promising results in various field, from face detection to realistic and high resolution face generation and many more, we can never know when it going to surprise us with unacceptable errors that are nonsensical or even dangerous (recall AI being utilized in self-driving car projects).

However, the above concerns does not imply that we should worry about AI all the time. The point here is to be aware of what AI can do (at least for now) and can’t do, and to see the current state of the AI development. This is important for both misleading the people about AI development and to see what we have to do next to further improve current AI to be more robust and reliable.

The following technologies could give some intuition;

  • AlphaGo: simply doesn't care about questions like "Is there life outside the Go board?, "Is it fair that my masters leave me to do nothing but play Go all day?". AlphaGo literally has no life or curiosity at all beyond the board
  • Tay chatbot: released by Microsoft in 2016. Less than a day later the project was canceled, simply because a nasty group of users tried to drown the chatbot in racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic hate.
  • Face recognition system in China: sent a jaywalking ticket to an innocent person, who was a well-known entrepreneur, when it saw her picture on the side of a bus. Not realized that a larger-than-real-life photo on a moving bus can not be real person.