Recapping Student Group’s Visit to untapt HQ.

This week, our team at untapt was lucky enough to be visited by some incredibly sharp up-and-coming technologists! As part of their DevOps internship program with Marc Pusey, a group of high school students visited us in our headquarters near Penn Station to learn from our engineering team, understand the basics of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence and get a taste of the startup life.

We kicked off the day with some lessons from our very own Senior Technologist Sam Kenny, Chief Data Scientist Jon Krohn and Co-Founder and CEO Ed Donner. Finally, after a quick break for snacks, we launched right into the main event: A shark-tank style challenge where the students had to come up with and pitch a brand new startup idea, all with just 45 minutes to prepare.

Ed listening in on a group brainstorm before the Shark Tank begins!
Another group working hard on their pitch.

To our shock and delight, the ideas presented weren’t just creative; They were well thought-out, cleverly devised and expertly branded. “I was honestly blown away by the presentations that the students were able to put together, especially given the time constraints,” said Ed. “If I had thought of untapt at their age, just imagine where we could’ve gotten by now!”

Be sure to check out more photos from the day below, and visit untapt to find your dream tech job!

Source: Deep Learning on Medium